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Other Crazy Productive Products from Dawson MFG
Kart Mate Pro   -   10 cubic feet-500 lb
Imagine never pushing a wheelbarrow again.
Moving material at the speed of your mower. 
Tub tilts to dump and the entire unit folds up for transporting without taking up space in your trailer. The two wheels even fold-in to get through small gates.

When you have any distance to travel Kart Mate can cut the time in half. Moving material to the back-side of builds just got easier. 

Let your people go home after a hard days work feeling better and willing to come back and do it again tomorrow.
Kart Mate RS   -   7 cubic feet-225 lb
Need something a little smaller. RS has one wheel, is a little lighter but still dumps and stores vertically for transport and storage. Think about the time wasted pushing a wheelbarrow from one end of a property to the other. Not to mention with Kart Mate you're not even walking anymore.
It's not lazy..... it's more productive.......
Labor is harder and harder to find. You better figure out how to keep the good people you have and maybe pick up some news ones because you invest in you people.
Snow Mate       36+
Use a mower you already own to move snow from sidewalks and small driveways without hiring a team of people. Easily move 4-6  inches of snow with one person. Yes, we know it won't move as much as your truck. This is make for small areas like sidewalks or areas you can't get to with a truck. Standard blade is 36" wide and you can add Winglets to make it 52" wide. Easily angle the blade by pulling a snap-pin and manually lift the blade for transporting.

Optional Power Pack is available for power-lift and blade angling.
Truck Mate
For you guys that don't have an F-450/550 for the Mulch Mate we have the Truck Mate. It replaces the tailgate with a fold-down cross conveyor and tarp system similar to the Mulch Mate. Now you can pull material from the back of your pickup without having to jump in and out of the truck. With the push of a button it will pull material and dispense it in either direction directly into your wheelbarrow. Now you can send one guy to do those small jobs with ease.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at: 888-776-8524

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